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Brian Mitchell (Coach)

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Brian was involved in competitive sports from a young age and into adulthood. After years of competing in Powerlifting and Strongman events, he was introduced to jiujitsu in 2003 by a friend, and was hooked immediately.

Early on he discovered a passion for competing as well as for teaching. Brian competed extensively in the early years and enjoyed many successes in bracket style tournaments as well as many invitationals. Additionally, he found a passion for Judo and Muy Thai, spending many years in the practice of those arts alongside his Jiujitsu training.

Brian draws on over 15 years of extensive experience teaching jiujitsu. His style is focused on strong foundational concepts and the practical application of high percentage techniques.

Brian moved to the Richmond area a few years ago and was very happy to find Apex Jiujitsu and be welcomed to the family.

Brian is very proud of his Jiujitsu lineage and feels extremely fortunate to still have the same instructors that he started with over 20 years ago. He was honored to receive the black belt from Professor J.W. Wright and Master Royler Gracie in 2015.

One Week Free Trial

One Week Free Trial

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