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William Hamilton (Coach)

William Hamilton  (Coach) photo William Hamilton (Coach)
  • Black Belt

Will Hamilton is a retired NYPD Sergeant. He spent his last eleven years as the Executive Officer of the NYPD Physical Training and Tactics Unit. As the Executive Officer, William was critical in ensuring recruits received the necessary physical training and tactics to graduate from the Police Academy.

Will is also the founder and president of the NYPD Martial Arts Sports Team since 2008. Since it’s creation, the organization and its members have successfully competed in multiple grappling and boxing events.

An accomplished martial artist, Will began training in martial arts in 1995. Will has a 3rd degree Black Belt at Tiger Schulman's Mixed Martial Arts School, and obtained his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Derek Mangi, Sean Murphy, and Chris Delaney at the Monster BJJ School.  A skillful competitor, Will has won multiple grappling events at the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) advanced division, and become a US WKA Kickboxing Champion, and a Semifinalist in the NY Golden Gloves.

Will has a passion for serving and helping people reach their full potential. You can train with Will during the 05:30 AM classes throughout the week. 

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