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Bill Jaeger (Kickboxing Coach)

Bill always had a passion for physical fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  As Bill’s workout interests changed over the years, Bill needed a workout regiment that would force him to exercise in a different way.  Bill eventually involved himself with marital arts and boxing, and has been an active practitioner of both for the past 25+ years.  Bill earned his black belt in kickboxing under Warriors Martial Arts instructor and professional kickboxer, Steve Mann. Continuing his passion for helping others, Bill truly enjoys being a trainer and mentoring others in his craft.

Bill also began his Jiujitsu journey in 2020.  Bill’s prior martial arts experience and eagerness to learn has made him an invaluable member of Apex Jiujitsu both as practitioner and instructor.  Bill also received his Blue Belt in Jiujitsu on April of 2023.

One Week Free Trial

One Week Free Trial

We try to make the week trial as easy as possible.  Click the SIGNUP icon, fill out the information and waiver, and show up!  We even have loaner gi‘s for you to wear.  If you have any additional questions, please inquire below!

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